Mobile Grooming is a little bit trickier than grooming at your typical brick and mortar store. Please keep in mind that your groomer will be traveling from stop to stop. It is difficult to predict what a day may look like too far in advance because the conditions of the day will always be different. There will be different clients, different addresses and many other things that may factor in to how we most efficiently route the day; for both the groomer and our clients. After building a relationship with their groomer, some of our clients leave us a key or door code, so they do not even have to be home for their pet’s grooming appointment!

We are not simply a mobile version of your average grooming store front. Mobile grooming offers a very personalized, attentive session with the highest quality of products and groomers.

We accept Cash or Credit Card. We do ask if you plan to use a credit card to provide it to our office staff ahead of time, to help speed up checkout.

The grooming process will always vary from dog to dog, but you can expect anywhere for a 1 to 1 ½ hours for a typical groom.

No. Planet Pooch loves and accommodates dogs of all weights and sizes

No. Our vans are fully equipped with fresh water and electricity.

If your dog is matted the groomer may have no other choice but to shave your dog down for their own health and safety. (Additional fees may apply)

If your dog Is aggressive, we do ask that you inform us ahead of time so our groomer can be prepared that your four-legged friend needs a little bit of special attention (Please take note that dogs that are overly aggressive hindering the grooming process may be subject to additional fees and/or refusal of service).

Please keep in mind that our prices go by weight, if we started when your dog was a puppy, the price will grow along with your pup as they get bigger. The condition of your pet’s coat may also factor into pricing. If your pet has excessive undercoat or has some matting/knots that need to be removed, the grooming process may take more time than usual.

From time-to-time Planet Pooch does need to raise prices across the board to keep up with the competitive nature of the business and to ensure we are only providing the best for your pet.

We do not allow anyone else inside the van while grooming, this can distract your pup and make them even more nervous. They will be more worried about you, instead of becoming acquainted with their new friend and familiarized with the experience.

Our groomers at Planet Pooch are well experienced in handling all types of dogs, if your dog has any special needs, it is important to let the office know when booking your appointment. The groomer can assess your dog at the time of grooming and advise if any additional special handling costs may apply.

No, after building a relationship with your groomer, please feel free to leave a key or code and come home to a fresh and clean pet!

We service all of Nassau County, Suffolk County and some parts of the Hamptons.

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