Our process 

Set up a day and time 

We will set up a day and time that is convenient usually we are able to give you a 30 minute time range. 


Once we are out in the truck grooming, it takes anywhere from 60-120min. 

Introduction/getting started

If you are a first time client we will make a introduction to both you and your pet. Once we are both comfortable and have a good feel for each other we are ready to head out to the van. 


If you are satisfied with our service we encourage you to get on a schedule. we will figure out what works for you and your pet.  

What goes on during the grooming Process ?

  1. nail cut and grind
  2. ears cleaned and plucked if needed
  3. bath, two shampoos and a conditioner (upgraded shampoos available)
  4. hand blow dry 
  5. brushing and fluffing
  6. haircut in desired style 
  7. signature bow or bandana 

Why is it important to keep my pet on a grooming schedule?

         Getting your pet on a proper grooming schedule ensures you your pet will never be overdue for a grooming.  We will work together on figuring out what works for you and your pet.  pets need to be groomed on a regular basis to avoid things like matted fur, skin/ear infections, nails growing into pads.  Most dogs go through their skin cycle within 3-4 weeks.  at the time they will start to produce an Oder, accessive skin dander, and hair shedding.