Spa Treatments & Packages

Pampe​r your pet with one of our luxuriating spa treatments at your next grooming 

Dental Hygiene Package

1. We spray the teeth with a plaque fighting oral spray

2. We brush the teeth with a poultry flavored toothpaste specified for dogs, designed to control plaque and help fight bad breath

3. We brush the teeth with a refreshing gel to help prevent plaque

4. Take home the toothbrush to keep up with your dogs oral hygiene at home

$10 add-on to your grooming

K9 Advantix Tick & Flea Treatment

*Kills 98-100 percent of adult fleas within 12 hours

*Provides one month of protection against ticks, fleas, mosquitoes, biting flies


$20 add-on to your grooming

Furminator deShedding Package

Helps reduce excessive shedding by releasing the undercoat during the bath. Followed by raking out the undercoat, leaving a healthy and shiny coat.

$15-$25 add-on to your grooming

Dead Sea Mineral Mudbath Treatment

a mud bath conditioner treatment with aloe vera that conditions, rehydrates and rebuilds the coat while exfoliating the skin

$5-$15 add-on to your grooming

What our customers are saying

I don’t even know where to begin. I have been with Planet Pooch for over 6 years. I have a very sensitive and nervous dog. When I hand my pooch over to Andy for a bath and cut I know he is taking super great care of my fur baby. Andy is always on time and always confirms the day before. Andy does a wonderful job and I highly recommend anyone looking for a groomer to call Planet Pooch!