The Planet Pooch Cat Process

Cat grooming can be tricky; that's why Planet Pooch will be sending out two cat grooming professionals to work 2 on 1 with your cat. Services will be limited ( 1 or 2 days a month). Our grooming unit will be set up specifically for cat grooming that day. Call today for more information and to make your appointment.

Pricing & Services

Short-Haired Cat Bath


Includes nails trimmed, ears cleaned, Shampoo, fluff dry and brushing.

Long-Haired Cat Bath


Includes nails trimmed, ears cleaned, shampoo, fluff dry, sanitary and pad trim and brushing.

Short-Haired Cat Groom w/ haircut


Includes complete bath service.

Long-Haired Cat Groom w/ haircut


Includes complete bath service.

Furminator Treatment for Cats


Furminator de-shed shampoo for cats helps reduce loose hair shedding which prevents your cat from ingesting loose hairs that can cause hairballs.

Dental Care for Cats


Helps reduce tarter and plaque buildup and reduces bad breath!

Soft Claws Application


The humane alternative to declawing. SoftClaws nail caps help protect from damage caused by scratching.

*Additional fees may apply for matted fur, aggressive cats, fleas/ticks, etc.

Most of these fees can be prevented with a regular grooming schedule and flea/tick prevention. Please contact us for more information!

Why Cat Grooming?

While cats are known to groom themselves, sometimes our feline friends need a little help. Here are a few reasons why cats need to be groomed too!

  • Reduces loose fur decreasing hairballs.
  • Helps prevent matting in long-haired breeds.
  • Replenishes skin and coat.
  • Nail trimming to avoid nails growing into pads.
  • Clean ears to help avoid infections.
  • Cats with medical issues may have greasy fur or be unable to groom themselves efficiently.
  • Most cats don’t like water. Our groomers have the skills and expertise to wash your cat safely.
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