Our Vans

Here at Planet Pooch we use the best. We trust Wag N Tails to fully outfit and design our vans. Working with Wag N Tails insures us that we will keep our wheels moving day after day with little to no issues.

Clean Safe and Sanitary

Fully outfitted with everything you need to complete the entire grooming process. The high gloss formica walls make cleaning a breeze. The built in restraints and harnesses will keep your pet safely in position during the grooming process.

Climate Control

Will my pet get cold in that van?

Will my Pet get to hot in that van?

No and No. The grooming van is outfitted with

20,000 BTU LP Furnace with Thermostat. A powerful heating system for cold days and 15,000 BTU Low Profile Roof-mounted Dometic Air Conditioner for the hot days.‚Äč  

Do I need to provide water or electric? No!

  • Our vans are outfitted with 50 gallon fresh water tanks to ensure us that each pet is cleaned with fresh and never reused water.
  • No need for a electric outlet each van has a commercial grade generator which powers all of our equipment.